“I found the "Take a Breath" retreat to be a deeply moving opportunity to gently explore this moment in my life and to feel into the places in which I want to become more free, more strong, more vulnerable.  The mixture of activities was perfect for me: a breath-taking mikveh opportunity in the beautiful, clean river; joyous singing and deep chanting; sitting and walking meditations, and more.  The accommodations and location in the Costa Rican rainforest were worth the trip, in themselves. And the food! I don't think I've ever eaten better.  I feel so grateful to Marcelo and Karina for their work, and I want everyone to experience it!”  Kathy Simon - Nonviolent Communication Teacher

 “Take a Breath retreat is for anyone curious about the power of judaism to enrich and transform your current mindful practice or to help you to build one. You will leave transformed and with the ability to incorporate concrete steps into your life or to engage in deeply spiritual and intellectual ways, and to travel to a pure jungle Mikveh”  Francine Hermelin - Creative Director, Reboot

 “I have been on meditation retreats before and even Jewish mindfulness retreats but what Marcelo and Karina are offering is something truly unique. Opening their beautiful Costa Rica home allows you to settle in for a spiritual and mindful prayer and embodied Jewish practice that will stay with you long after you return home” Lori Dube - 

 “Inner gifts, incredible beauty, Judaism breathing and alive. A nourishing experience for the body and soul” Rabbi Susan Goldberg -  Rabbi at Nefesh Community in Los Angeles, California. Former Rabbi Rabbi Susan at Wilshire Boulevard Temple, Los Angeles, California

 “As a curious new comer to mindfulness practice, this retreat offered an excellent and inspiring introduction. The setting is magical. The program is well conceived. Most importantly, Marcelo and Karina are superb, creative and loving teachers” Jane Eisner - Journalist

 “Take a Breath retreat is the best four day investment you can make in your spiritual growth, imaginable. Through song, meditation, nature, movement and dialogue, Karina and Marcelo, are two loving and lovable teacher/guides” Monte Dube - Past Chair of the Board of American Jewish World Service

As a professor who is paid to think and write, I found the “Take a Breath” retreat to take me out of my head and into my soul. I wept several times on this retreat, which has never happened to me in a retreat setting. Thank you, Karina and Marcelo” Professor David Shneer - Singer Chair of Jewish History, CU Boulder

 “Amazing things happen when you give yourself permission to “Take a Breath.” In a totally mindful and partially silent retreat at their home in Costa Rica, Marcelo and Karina provide a safe and protected environment with prayer, meditation, walks, movement, and experiences that allowed me to get out of my head and and inside myself. It is so important that Marcelo and Karina are active participants, and not just the teachers of the experience. I owe them immense gratitude for this gift.” Jonathan Silver, MD.Professor of Clinical Psychiatry. New York University School of Medicine

 “I didn’t know what to expect. I thought I would have a transformative meditation experience, and I did , but I also felt incredible, transformative joy! The joy of tefilah + Mikveh+ Shabbat = learning Torah+ being together.” Ilana Gleicher- Bloom Educator. Pomegranate Award Recipient - Covenant Foundation. TB June- 2019

 …”both Karina and Marcelo bring an authentic wisdom and breath of life experience. The sense of openness was apparent from the start of the retreat. I had no idea what to expect, but it still exceeded expectations. The retreat was more intimate and personal than I imagined”. Deborah Leipzig.Vice President of Leadership at Anti-Defamation League

 “The Take a Breath retreat provided an incredible opportunity to learn and experience a wide variety of mindfulness practices in a beautiful setting in Costa Rica. Just know, you will be changed from the experience.” Jonathan Lev, Boulder JCC Executive Director & Wexner Field Fellow

 “….powerful, soulful extraordinary experience to give yourself the gift of time and presence to let your soul speak.” Miriam Herscher - Community Chaplain at The Jewish Board

 “It was heaven! I deepened my meditation practice, my teffilah practice, my relationship to dance+song and my relationship with myself. The integration of so many modalities or “languages” was a gift of the deepest kind” Ilana Ruskay- Kid. Founder & Head of The Shefa School. Recipient of the 2016 Covenant Award.

 “Opening your home, meeting your friends and neighbors, participating, not only facilitating, further enhanced the authentic, organic nature of our time together.  Todah rabbah. The kindness, consideration, and enormous amount of work to make our stay, studies, and experiences so seamlessly executed were always evident and deeply appreciated. From your first texts to help with travel arrangements to hiking poles, I felt that I could take a breath.  Your attention to our physical needs allowed me to be open to spiritual and emotional work and comfort. Muchas gracias.” Merril Feinstein Director at Brotherhood Synagogue Nursery School