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We offer exclusive Jewish retreats that empower participants, through guided mindful personal breakthroughs. Here you will find your inner freedom and reconnect with your essence that gives you the courage to choose how to show up in the world and live a more purposeful and integrated life.

Breathtaking is the experiential container that holds Karina Zilberman’s & Marcelo Bronstein’s collaborative expertise. We have dedicated the last forty years to nurturing individuals and communities. Participants have personally and professionally excelled to achieve higher levels of performance.

Through our extensive combined professional experience, we have seen transformative results that people achieve when they reconnect with their true essence.

Our retreats are a dynamic blend of practices that emanate from relational psychology, Jewish wisdom, music, movement, journaling and meditation in a tropical Costa Rican environment.

We have designed the retreats to embody and create an ambiance where your senses will come alive. You will enjoy our chef-prepared communal organic meals made from the luscious fruits and vegetables of our tropical gardens.

You will return home with a renewed clarity of purpose, a higher sense of “self” and personally activated to achieve your dreams.


I am an artist and group facilitator who creates inclusive experiences that catalyze spiritual and personal growth for the individual and the community. I strive to help people believe in themselves and connect with others.

Ultimately, my mission is to make fulfillment a driving force by integrating who we are into what we do.

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Hi, I am Marcelo. I have dedicated my life to creating intentional communities. Ever since I can remember my passion has been to take people through immersive transformational experiences.

My work dwells in the intersection between Jewish wisdom, psychology and contemplative practices.

I believe that my role as a mentor is to hold people’s aspirations with the compassion and the determination that is required to live a more integrated life.

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